Domestic-Family Law

Divorce affects everyone.  Helping clients maneuver the ever changing and complex laws governing divorce and child custody is foremost in our practice.  Because people's circumstances are always subject to change, parties may benefit from modifications of former orders and decrees.  Everyone's facts are unique and deserve individual evaluation.   

Trial Services

General Trial Work

Because we are litigators, we can bring most any case to trial that must be decided by a judge or jury.  We will be pleased to meet with you and evaluate your personal situation.


We represent people in all areas of property and estate disputes.  Boundary line disputes, Will contests and easement issues are just some of the property litigation issues we have helped clients with over the past 20 years.  We also have have tremendous experience with Condominium and Home Owners' Association law representing associations and owners alike.

Personal Injury

We have over 40 years combined experience representing injured people.  Car wrecks, slips and falls, and work-related injuries wreak havoc on not only those who suffer the injury, but also on the lives of the injured's loved ones.  Let us protect your interest and obtain what is owed to you from the wrongdoer. 

Criminal Representation

Our attorneys honed their trial skills trying criminal cases month in and month out.  From DUI to Capital Murder, our attorneys have volumes of trial experience in the criminal courts of Alabama.  Our representation of the accused does not end at the county courthouse doors.  We maintain an active appellate practice and our appellate litigation skills have resulted in the removal of the wrongfully accused from Alabama's Death Row.